Building Cascade 11: Running out of time and kits

Close to the deadline set by our participation at the US Model Railroad Convention 2019 in Rodgau, I ran out of time and kits. I had the kit for a small diner at hand but I had seen this structure on at least two modules in our group and wanted to create a different version of it. So I had to improvise a solution to fill some spaces on my module.

Grand opening may 4th

Wanting to add a diner to the module but without enough time to build one, I decided to add a construction site and show the diner being built. I built a foundation using card board. Then I added studs and some frames made of scale lumber. Then I added a sign informing the viewers about what’s to happen here 🙂

Live better in a home at Cascade

There were a few lots left over and no time. So I added a billboard to advertise for living at cascade. Make your self a home 🙂

With this final touch, I call Cascade finished. Finished enough to show it at an exhibition and feeling the urge to add more features soon.

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