Building Cascade 2: Landscaping

After woodworking it was time time to add ballast to the track and cover the plywood pacific with something that does a better job in imitating nature.

First I painted the surface in colors to match the later usage (brown for dirt and grass, gray for gravel and roads). The next layer is sprinkled over most areas with colored, flexible gap filling putty (like Lugato Universal-Fuge-Flexibel). You can get it in different sized bags and multiple colors which can be mixed to create an interesting and varied surface cover. The advantage of this material over normal white plaster is the color. If scenery made of plaster breaks the damage is highlighted by the white color. With colored material damages are not as obvious. And during the transport, setup and break down of modular layouts things break. But most can be fixed.

After finishing the basic ground cover the module was taken to its first appearance in a FREMO americaN meeting in Bremen in 2016.

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