From Hamburg to Sweden: Modular railroads on the move

In August 2018 a group of five brave members of the FREMO americaN group travelled from Germany to Sweden. We met just north of Hamburg and continued together with a transporter and a minibus.

Rear view of a Citroen Jumpy packed full to the roof with modules

After arrival a modular meeting means a lot of work for all participants. The setup usually starts on a thursday at 9 am and takes all the day until late evening. This time we met near Hamburg at 7 am and had a long way to travel to the location of the meeting. We decided to take the route via Fehmarn and took the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødbyhavn. After about one hour drive this gave us a good opportunity to take a break and have breakfast.

We continued through Denmark. With an perfect timing we arrived at Helsingør and did not have to wait for the next ferry. So we embarked the and had a short break before we continued the final part of our trip trough Sweden on the E4.

The last stage took us about three hours of drive, without any remarkable events. So we arrived at Fagerhult. I have never been that far to the north. We were welcomed by our fellow modelers from Sweden and after a short break we started to unpack our cars and setup the layout. As we brought some of the central modules they had to wait for us to arrive until the setup could continue.

The layout resembles three railroads which interchange traffic through Dirks newly built wye-extension for the Yakima-Curve. So not only gets the module its first use during this meet, but its also a key feature. Without this module most traffic would not find its way through the layout.

Late after diner the layout was nearly ready for operations. Dirk and I drove to our hotel at Jönköping. Before we tried it, we asked at the reception if our car would fit the underground car park. It should. And it did, but it was a tight fit.

A tight fit.

Next day preparations for operations were completed and after a briefing for all participants, we let the games begin.

I started my first session as operator at the large Hasslingen Steel Mill. The operations here are quite complex but I could always refer to Jan, who built it, if I had a question.

The layout and operations was set to take place in the time frame from roughly 1950 to 1970. On the FREMO americaN pages you can find the report FREMO americaN meeting in Fagerhult 2019.

The dispatcher had the luxury of a separate office without view to the layout.

On saturday evening we had a very special experience. Late night shopping at Habo Hobby. We hit the store at 10 pm and sifted through the extensive stock of N scale modeling articles.

The last day of the meeting, Sunday we half a day left for our operations, before we had to start tearing down the whole layout.

After the break down of the layout and packing the cars we hit the road again at 3 pm. At 6 pm we got the first ferry. At 2 am I returned the rental car and continued home with Peter where we arrived at 3 am and got to bed after an exciting and enjoyable weekend.