Building Cascade 9: Scratch building with left overs

South of East Mill Street in Cascade Idaho are some interesting buildings. At the far south of the town there is a Rodeo arena with its stables. Due to space limitations I decided not to model it, but I added a freelanced workshop and wanted to add the diner I already had bought.

The workshop is completely scratch built and freelanced. I just created a structure to use the left over plastic parts for a roof and some windows and doors I had lying around. The walls are sheets of scale lumber based on a thin sheet of styrene. I painted it in a red-brown color. After painting I gave it a shot of dullcote to seal the paint on the wooden parts. This dullcote was not as dull as I had thought and made the wooden walls look like a plastic kit. Interesting. I weathered the structure with a mix of dark oil paints and thinner. I will add lights and details later. For this purpose the roof is held in place by a small amount of flexible adhesive and should be easily removable.

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