Workshop-Weekend 2019: Scenery

We need more coffee.

We wanted to make another Workshop-Weekend. Because its fun, you can learn new stuff and get something done. And there is enough coffee. As there are still modules left with plywood pacific from last years Workshop-Weekend we wanted to build scenery this time.

Cardboard-Grid and Plaster

Everyone worked on his modules or built scenery details. Dirk worked on a simple straight line module. He added the scenery by the classic cardboard-grid method. He glued cardboard strips to the module with hot glue. The this grid was covered with strong paper. For the next layer Dirk used plaster dressings. When the plaster was solid, a layer of flexible joint filler in beige was added. This makes the base for all following steps.

Insulation-Foam and Joint-Filler

As the host I was has heavily involved to help anywhere I could and ensure a steady flow of supplies: workspace, glue, tools coffee and snacks. I didn’t work on the modules my self, started landscaping the modules, he built a year before.


Martin built trees. I could supply him with a simple jig: A piece of plywood with a notch to position one of the two required wires. To build a twist-tree you need two pieces of wire, some fibres for the twigs. As tools and a pair of pliers and a cordless drill might come in handy.

You insert the two wires into the drill holder, position one wire into the notch and add some fibres. Then you carefully grab the ends of the wires with the pliers and start the drill. If you were lucky, you didn’t loose all the fibres and now have an armature, that can be cut to the desired shape to imitate a tree. This armature can now be painted and leafs or needles can be added with fine turf, small leafs or static grass.


On the first day Peter and Wolfgang started a mass production of trees and bushes for their modules. The next day these trees were dry and ready for their use.

Looks like the real thing

Peter and Wolfgang made an astonishing progress with their modules. The trees built before came to a good use accompanied by fine and coarse turfs and some static grass in multiple colors. Peter finished his dried riverbed-scene and Wolfgang and Peter worked together on Wolfgangs double-track curves for his Arrowhead-Module.

It was an enjoyable weekend, we made a good progress and had lots of fun, cake and coffee.