Building Sussex 1: Woodwork

Just line modules, he said.

Last weekend we had a construction meeting. Dirk was so kind to let us occupy is garage and workshop. A few days before I brought my workbench and some power tools and Dirk prepared all the parts we would need.

Dirk hand built a jig to build curved modules and we used it to build curves with a track radius of 160 cm and an angle of 30 °. My son and I built four curved, three 90 cm straight and a 45 cm straight module.

Two curves and straights will be combined as segments for my new quarry module. The other modules will just be line modules. The line modules now are operational, as they have cork roadbed, track and the track is connected to feeders and all electric connectors are installed.

The quarry module will be completed at home, as I have some special plans for the track alignment and had not enough time to complete them at our meeting.

Overall we built 21 new modules. Some straight and some curved. But we did not only line modules. Some of mine will become an industry and Peter built the modules for his new Station “Mesa”.

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