Building Cascade 8: Same, but different

Northeastern Scale Models offers a nice Structure “One Story Section House” in its Small Trackside Structures (STS) Series. I got three of these. I used them to kit bash two neighbouring houses, that look very different.

The long one

The kit contains parts for square house with a veranda at one end and the entry to the basement on the other end. I used two of the kits to create a longer version.

The long one on the right

I added interior and exterior lights to the building, but I ran out of time to finish it. This will be completed later. I might even take some decent pictures of it at that opportunity.

The short one

I tried to recreate the orientation and proportions of the houses as per prototype. The long one is aligned parallel to Front Street – which is not part of the module. The short one on the corner S Front St. and E Mill St. is aligned square to the Front Street. and has its driveway connected to the Mill Street. The lot is enclosed by a fence, but the lot and the garage are slightly smaller as in real life. For this house I used the same kit as before. I decided not to use the original orientation but to move the porch to another side of the house.

I added light to the garage and might even add an interior or at least a parked car to it. For this purpose I just used some tape to fix the doors in place, so I can move or remove them later.

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