Building Sussex 9: Painting the pit

With only a few weeks to the exhibition in Rodgau, I wanted to give the flooded quarry pits a nice prototypical look: Turquoise.

First I fixed some flaws and gaps in the surface of the quarry pit.
Then the whole pit was repainted in a base color, to cover the plaster.
First I added some beige areas to show highlights in the pit. Then I added some darker, blueish shades for deeper parts.

When I sprayed the bottom of the pit I did not cover the walls and that resulted in an overspray. I have not yet decided whether I will remove it or keep it. Currently I kind of like it. I like how the walls are colored by “reflections” or “glow” of the water. Maybe I’ll remove it sometime later but for now I’m happy with the result.

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