Building Sussex 8: The Warehouse

There is a large warehouse on the property of Wisconsin Building Supply in Sussex (WBS). If I would model the scene exactly to scale, I wouldn’t have to bother with it. But I wanted to have it on the module and moved it closer to the rails.

Testing size and position with a template.

I took the measurements form the satellite images and made a paper template for the footprint. I had to shorten the building about 10 % to make it fit.

After choosing the final dimensions I removed the styrene on the selected area that was used for pavement in that area. The styrene had to go, because I want to extend the module side wall to act as the rear of the building and thus protecting it from damage during transport.

Sidewall extended to fit the shape of the new structure.

I used wood dowels and and screws to fix the extension in place. A fair amount of wood glue was applied and it was clamped to dry overnight.

Google Earth view of the prototype structure.

I studied the images again and found a truck loading dock on one side of the building. The trucks drive down a ramp so the warehouse is level with the platform of the trucks. Of course I had to add it and excavations began.

Loading dock prepared.

Of course my I shredded the blade of my tool, when I hit the only screw in the module in that area. The ramp will later be filled with wood-plaster. The extension for the side wall was filled with spackle. The extension is not exactly in line with the module frame, but that was easy to fix with the belt sander and fine 120 grit sand paper.

Testing the structure.

The structure is built from 2 mm styrene. Doors and gates have been added. For the gates I used 0.5 mm styrene with the panels scribed into it using a modelling knife.

Testing position and size of the roof.

Details were added using small pieces of styrene. I made a mockup to test the size and position the attached roof over the outdoor storage area. This will be built from dark cardboard with styrene framing and wooden posts. For the rainpipe I used 0.5 mm² wire with insulation.

Truck dock with gasket

I used the insulation of thin wires and a piece of 0.3 mm styrene to construct the gasket for the truck loading dock. This will be painted in rubber colors and weathered later.

Out of focus image of the painted structure.
Finished scene with the loading dock.

Someday someone will certainly add a photo of the finished structure with all details. If you can’t wait for it, register for the next FRMEO americaN meeting, there is a good chance this module will be there.

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