Building Sussex 6: WBS Ramp

Google Maps Image of Wisconsin Building Supply in Sussex, WI

When I studied the satellite imagery of the area, I noticed that there is a ramp near the track on the lot of Wisconsin Building Supply. I was surprised. I had not noticed it before. But I like the idea. This makes a great spot for a second car that can be delivered there.

To build the ramp, I took measurements in Google Earth. The ramp seems to be built of concrete. The wall pointing away from the track is higher as a safety measure to prevent fork lifts to drive off the ramp. Some steel plates are lying on or near the ramp to cover the gap between the ramp the rail car.

It started with a rough sketch.

I used 2 mm styrene for the walls and 1 mm for the ramp it self. Building the ramp just took a few minutes.

The ramp unpainted.
The ramp with wet paint. A sheet of “metal” is prepared.

After priming the ramp I painted it in different shades of grey. I sealed the paint with dullcote and used an oil wash to weather it. In the satellite images it looks as if there is some kind of metal surface towards the rails, maybe to protect the concrete from wear. So I painted a square area in dark brown to emulate rust. Additionally I made two sheets of “metal” out of 0.3 mm styrene and painted them in a rusty color. After completion it was glued in place and ready for operations.

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