Building Cascade 10: Modified Storage Shed

Like every second modeller, I had bought a sample of the Walthers “Co-Op Storage Shed”. I have seen it on some modules before, sometimes modified, sometimes not. I needed a ground level storage shed for a small business on my Cascade Module. Today the “Lake Cascade Sport & Marine” is located at that place. I have no Idea what has been there in the 1950s, but I chose this kit as a base to build my shed.

I wanted the building to be ground level, so I removed the supports from the base. Only one door should be open, so I could get rid of half the base. The rear wall of the building would face a fence, so I could close the doors here and used one of the spare doors to create a door with double width on the front.

I used Revell plastic putty to fill the unused door. I’m not too happy with the result but it works. After priming I sprayed it with a dark grey color. Too dark. So I had to lighten it up slightly. I added a beige wash to create the look of old paint. In the last step I weathered it with a dirt wash made of burned umber and black oil paints with thinner. After gluing it in place I added some life with boxes and the only figure I have used so far.

The lot is enclosed by a fence made of wire-mesh and thin steel posts. Building a fence this way is not the most fun but it pays of. I have used this fence on other modules before and I think it makes a plausible impression and is able to withstand the stress a module has to take during handling.

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