Workshop-Weekend 2020: Rolling-Stock

Paints, powders, cars and small parts dominated this weekend. In January 2020 we had another Workshop-Weekend. We decided to add more cars to our arsenal and worked on our rolling stock. Some cars needed additional weight, new wheel sets or couplers.

A lot of weathering techniques were applied to the unsuspicious victims. No car should leave as clean as it arrived.

I replaced the motors in my Atlas EMD SD-24 because they didn’t work that well. After that I applied a my usual dirt-wash to about 60 cars that had been prepared with a good shot of matte varnish.

Workshop Weekend 2018

Last year, Dirk offered his garage for a Workshop Weekend. This year I left my workbench at home and Invited my friends to spent some time drinking coffee, eating pizza and build modules. We agreed on building only line modules. This time we really did so. Peter and I had discussed the idea of a duck under to make it easier to move to the opposite side of the modules. In total we built 22 new modules or segments of modules.

Building Sussex 1: Woodwork

Just line modules, he said.

Last weekend we had a construction meeting. Dirk was so kind to let us occupy is garage and workshop. A few days before I brought my workbench and some power tools and Dirk prepared all the parts we would need.

Dirk hand built a jig to build curved modules and we used it to build curves with a track radius of 160 cm and an angle of 30 °. My son and I built four curved, three 90 cm straight and a 45 cm straight module.