Building Sussex 7: WBS Warehouse 1

There are two buildings on the Wisconsin Building Supply (WBS) lot, that visible in the modelled section. Right behind the fence, near the WBS spur is a “small” warehouse. It has a simple shape and is not too hard to build. Only drawback: It is positioned right above the joint of two modules, so it has to be removed for transport and storage.

Workshop Weekend 2018

Last year, Dirk offered his garage for a Workshop Weekend. This year I left my workbench at home and Invited my friends to spent some time drinking coffee, eating pizza and build modules. We agreed on building only line modules. This time we really did so. Peter and I had discussed the idea of a duck under to make it easier to move to the opposite side of the modules. In total we built 22 new modules or segments of modules.

Building Sussex 2: Trackwork and Electrics

After completing the woodwork, I installed the track on the segments for my new module. For an easy setup I installed positioning dowels between all segments before laying the track.

While the glue for the track dries, I work on the scenery of another module.

Ad the end of the modules I use a 3 mm piece of beech cut to length to bridge the plywood cover and the module ends. A piece if PCB-ties is glued to this piece with an epoxy glue. For the mainline I add a strip of 3 mm cork as a roadbed. The spurs are directly glued to the plywood thus they are 3 mm below main line level. I am lazy and use my orbital sander to create the transition between mainline level and the plywood.