Beginner-Project: 6 feet inglenook

While searching for inspiration and Prototypen Industrien for ms switching layout, I decided to build a small beginner layout. A while ago I bought some Märklin K-Track including two narrow turnouts. Using this track would enable me to use AC- and DC-rolling stock.

I wanted to build an Inglenook Sidings layout for a long time. Now I’m doing it. After some tinkering around with the tracks, some cars and boxes to build a mock up, I have settled on a theme: A “Landhandel”, an agricultural trade station. In germany most Landhandel where rail served but nowadays the tracks are out of service, for most locations. A Landhandel usually coonsists of an grain elevator building with an attached storage for fertilizer and seeds equipped with a ramp on each side. One for trucks and one for rail cars. In most cases there are further storage sheds and loading equipment like forklifts and such stuff.


My fiddleing resulted in the above track plan of a slighly angled inglenook with a mainline that crosses a small stream. The industry has two spurs, one along the elevator and storage building, the second track is used as off spot. Possibly this spur might also get some use as a team track. We will see.

The overall dimensions of this layout are 180 cm x 36 cm (6′ x 14″). The background will curve from the back to the top and the fascia will create a ” window” to direct the view and minimize distractions. The overall lightning of the scene will be acomplished by some Led-strips.