Model Railroading: My Intentions

As I mentioned before I am very interested in north american railways. I like the operational aspect of switching small industries and the modern era railroad. Here in Germany it is hard to find prototypes for small rail served industries for a small switching layout. This and the huge amount of available information about american prototypes (Magazines, Videos, Google-Streetview) strengthens my interest in north american railroads as a subject for my modeling activities.

As my last experiences in this craft are nearly 20 decades old, I am certainly what you would call a beginner. However I would like to scratch build the structures for the layout and plan to weather the rolling stock. By keeping the layout small this might be achievable. By small I mean about 3.6 m by 0.5 m (12′ by 20″). I want to build a small switching layout in my basement. The layout should be prototypical but not necessarily based on a specific prototype.

On these pages I want to document my forthcoming, errors and insights in this “business”. So, let’s have fun with trains…